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Devil in The Details – Freeverse

Devil in The Details – Freeverse

Devil in the details
(after Misha Collins)

Now that we have been apart
For two years, 
let me tell you 
how I imagined
the details of your existence
these 730 days.
It was always 
comprised of thoughts
Like, how disheveled 
you woke up,
How you trotted 
on the sidewalks
of the places you visited,
What new rivulets 
you found
amidst that greenery,
Whether you wore 
that crisp white shirt
in which you look cute,
How refreshed you felt
after scoring the goals
you set before the game
As if poeming
these small things
with words, visuals, 
and diagrams will bring you
closer to me
And demolish the 
d i s t a n c e
between us.

©Kavya Janani. U

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