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Date Me – Freeverse

Date Me – Freeverse

Date me
(after Amy Kay)

I’d remember your great-grandmother’s birthday, your nephew’s birthday, or even your ex-lover’s birthday. I’ll make it easy for you, for remembering birthdates is my birthright. Sometimes, I’d ditch you for completing a poem. But when I come back, I’d love you with such staggering force that you’d come up with ideas for new poems.

I’ll take you to the sea and let you bleed all your hurt out on the shore. I’ll make you forget the proud moon and drink the stars instead. When you come back home after a day of hard work, I’ll play you the nightingale’s sounds I recorded for you.

I have dreams about tsunamis, falling aeroplanes, broken teeth, and nakedness, yet I’d interpret all your dreams in the sunniest way so that you’d never be afraid of nightmares. On some days, I’d prepare only lentil soup for dinner, but it would be the tastiest, for I’d pour all my love as one of the ingredients.

I’ll sing to you, sink deep into your eyes, and simmer with ways to keep you at peace. I’ll weave you into a beautiful metaphor and I’d make a reference to you in all my poems.

I am soft underneath, but I’d turn tempestuous when I meet misogyny. I am a leaking faucet of emotions, but I could be handled. So, date me.

©Kavya Janani. U

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