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Anti-Vitae – List Poem

Anti-Vitae – List Poem

(after Chelsey Minnis)


Didn’t even whimper. They had to smack my ass thrice to make me cry


Became the butt of all the slim-shaming jokes by the neighborhood aunties


Became the reason for a hand fan’s death. It met my thigh and then broke into two because I didn’t listen to my mom’s warnings


Termed a thief for taking my crush’s English notebook and hiding it inside my bag


Kicked out of a dance performance for revealing our song to the other group


Missed initiating a friendship with him when I had the knack of becoming friends with other boys


Rammed my bicycle into a stranger’s bike and bruised my elbows


Forgot to tell my best friend how much he meant to me

Forgot the lyrics to a Carnatic song I was singing on the stage

Failed to get admission to ‘the best school’ in our locality


Crushed on a jackass who’d later ruin me

Missed keeping track of the date of my second period and stained my white skirt in school which was noticed by the guy sitting behind me who tapped on my shoulder and told me about the stain casually

Became a victim of bullying because I lied to my classmates that I had split personality disorder


Became infatuated with a boy who was my best friend’s crush

Sang terribly on stage due to a bad throat and cried for hours later


Got into a puppy-love relationship with that jackass who broke my heart a few months later and who’d ruin me a few years later

Failed to impress a show’s organizers with my singing, though the judges were impressed


Left Bharatanatyam


Fell for an emotionally manipulative guy

Didn’t listen to my friends who were against my relationship with the aforementioned guy


Didn’t listen to my heart

Got into a serious relationship with that jackass who ruined me

Reduced myself to a damp squib

Failed to realize my potential

Didn’t put my talents to proper use

Lost touch with playing the keyboard

Made the most fucking blunder of my life


Got married


Couldn’t save myself


Didn’t take therapy when I needed it the most


Received a lot of rejection emails from poetry magazines

Didn’t realize what the universe was trying to show me


Told that I was leading a tasteless life by a friend. I am silent because it’s the truth.

©Kavya Janani. U

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