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An Ode to Number 13 – Freeverse

An Ode to Number 13 – Freeverse

This is not a love poem,
it’s a poem of acceptance,
Of a number that’s still
grappling with the burns
that people have given him.

One day, 13 woke up
and decided that he needs
To be loved.
Ensconced between the
cool boss 12
and the leading lady 14,
He had lived a lonely life.
He set out to find love
and there he found a girl
celebrating Friday the 13th,
Nursing her demons.
He sought God in the temple,
and a priest chased him away,
Calling him a murderer of Gods.

Eyes brimming with tears,
he knocked on my door.
I opened and pulled him
into the tightest hug ever.
Yes, I was born on him,
but that wasn’t the reason
I loved him.
He was the cause for my
unending happiness.
I loved the beautiful soul
that he carried within him
And that which had been
wronged by the world around him.

When he knew of this,
he realized that he had been loved
And accepted all along by a girl
who thought that he was charming.
If that love isn’t enough for him,
he would forever be a sad sailor
Anchoring heartbreaks.
If that’s enough for him,
I’d treat him as my infinity.

©Kavya Janani. U

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