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An Improved Heart – Freeverse

An Improved Heart – Freeverse

I have sewn all my ventricles
With broken shards of glass.
The next time you touch my heart
With palms smeared with hurt,
You’d have to write apologies
With the blood oozing
From your beige fingertips.

My heart is no longer
A squishy fat tomato
That you can cut into pieces
And add to your salad
Made of gaslighting syllables.
Now there flows in my aorta
The liquid gold of the sun.
You still try to dip
Frozen Antarctic lakes in it.
Now they don’t sting me.
They melt, melt, melt.
My heart no longer needs
A sensitivity toothpaste, darling.

My heart leaks so much love,
But this time it’s for
Nourishing my scarred veins.
Now my heart is a pancake.
I top it with honeyed dreams,
Cheeses made of liberalism,
And berried independence,
But not with your misogyny.
My heart is a soil that no longer
Absorbs dominance, darling.
For once, my heart is owned
Not by your patriarchy,
But by myself and myself only.

©Kavya Janani. U

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