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Almost – Freeverse

Almost – Freeverse

I met my almost in a decrepit classroom that embodied
the raw sweat of twenty passionate people.
My almost was an abode of quietude, his face moonstruck,
as I did not exchange the usual pleasantry with him.
My almost tightened his grip around the bow, his notes faltered.
Later he told me that my voice outshone his interludes and that he had to
soak his violin in honey to make it sound pre-me.
My almost’s fondness still dwells in the thread of messages
that I leave unvisited because that’s where our guilt had killed themselves
thousand times over.
Even though our conversation has become a once-in-a-year event,
our fondness for each other still lies in the space between our breaths.
My almost’s girlfriend used the term ‘my man’ a lot in front of me,
for she feared that my almost would turn into my forever.
‘Our’ freshwater proximity threatened ‘their’ saltwater relationship.
But they are still together. Anything with the right amount of salt never fails.
And that’s what led me to write this poem about an almost
when I could have written about anyone else.
Now my almost has sent me a video that I promised that I’d watch.
But I’d never do it.
What if it reminds me of the path that never appeared before me?
What if it makes us float somewhere in between, yet again?
Some day, my almost and I would cross paths.
We’d laugh our bellies out, for no reason.
We’d hold our gaze for a stretched moment, our fondness intact.
Isn’t this bittersweetness the best gift in the world?

©Kavya Janani. U

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