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Age 20 – Freeverse

Age 20 – Freeverse

I turned 20 on a Tuesday.
Counting, counting, counting,
many a year for the exact
Moment of having a 2
in the place of 1,
to remove the armor
Of teenage and innocence.
20 was the age when
my imagination soared
And my dreams were
painted like a rainbow,
Technicolour all day.
When I turned up at the
breakfast table,
My mother served me
eggs along with ripples
Of her pearly laughs.
Rise, shine, roar, Lioness,
an adrenaline gush
in my sinews and veins.

They called me
a calendar girl, when I asked
them to guide me to light,
While I rolled a bubblegum
pink candy in my tongue
and crooned a solo of
Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.
My heartbeats per minute
were fugacious,
While my thoughts
formed their own legacy.
Every day was a medicine
that was different
and propelled me to
Fly higher and higher,
without anyone clipping
My soaring wings.

©Kavya Janani. U

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