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Hello, welcome to Dreamy Poet!

I am Kavya Janani. U. I would like to call myself a poet, author, bibliophile, singer, and banker (yes, always in this order). If you’d like to know more about my author self, you can follow this general link – Kavya Janani. U, the author. If you’d like to know about my bibliophile self, you can follow my book reviews on Goodreads – Kavya Janani. U on GoodreadsIf you’d like to know about my singer self, you have to wait a bit longer as I have just now deleted my old Smule account and created a new account to establish my singing profile. And, if you’d like to know about my banker self, you’ll have to meet me at my office, haha.

Anyway, if you’d like to meet my poet self, you have come to the right place. This website, Dreamy Poet, is where my poet self is going to take shelter. I will be posting all of my poetry here (my past, present, and future poems). These poems will also be published on my Medium profile. Here’s something about my poetry journey (taken from my debut poetry collection, La Douleur Exquise):

Poetry happened to me just like that. I don’t clearly remember my first poem, but I can recollect that it was about the sea. It was the year 2006, and I was an almost-12-year-old. I visited Pondicherry for a week along with my grandpa, and I was fascinated by the sea, with its waves splashing against the rocks and the beautiful sunset by the beach. I always carried a notebook with me, and I penned something about the sea at that moment. Well, that was my first poem. And I have written a poem about this scene. Here it is:

The first time I wrote a poem-

the waves coughed up metaphors / the rocks were bathed in cerulean sunset / the tender pages from my notebook made love with the violent salt air / my fountain pen was heavy with new emotions that came with the realization of hidden potential / my lungs choked with a passion hitherto unknown / my heart pumped solely for the words that were to stream out / yet my thoughts were on the boy I was infatuated with / the boy who had feelings for my best friend / I imagined how my fingers would easily slip through his and how we’d walk by the seaside holding hands / I wondered how my April classes would glitter with our endless banter / and then I asked myself if I was here to write about the boy or the sea / my heart screamed it was always about the boy, but my eyes betrayed me as it fell in love with the sea at the very moment / I shook my head so much that the boy’s image oozed out from my mind and fell to the ground in pieces / I tucked a tendril behind my right ear like that would get me started / I looked at my grandpa seated beside me, munching on peanuts, his eyes beholding a faraway memory / maybe he was writing his own poem / his first poem / maybe he too was enchanted by the sea / I looked up as if the sky would bless me / and then I wrote about the sea. 

Later, I wrote a poem about a butterfly that I had seen fluttering by in my sit-out. It was a sad poem, which described how I was attracted to the colorful butterfly and how it had met its death in the same sit-out. I wish I had kept that poem safe, like how I had treasured my first short story, The Ghost Sticker.

I wrote many poems after that, most of which I do not remember. They were all childish poems that sounded like a teenager’s laments. Then I started a blog called Musings Lounge in 2015, where I uploaded my feelings in the form of blog posts. Around that time, I published a poem named ‘Dissolved Dreams’ which marked my serious foray into the poetry world. Then, I penned a poem named A Rosy Picture, which was received well among fellow bloggers and my friends. In 2016, I published a silly poem named Musical Life which became outrageously popular due to its publication earlier (2014) on the New Asian Writing website. 2016 was also the year when I ventured into Instapoetry, an emerging form of poetry that showcased the talents of many poets from around the world.

Since then, I have been writing both short free-verse poems and long poems. Instagram is the platform where I upload all my poetry. My handle is poeticmithridate on Instagram since poetry is my mithridate in real life (an antidote to all the poisons I face in my life). Though I am not a popular Instapoet yet, or someone who has been featured many times, I still enjoy writing this form of poetry as it is my outlet to channel all my suppressed feelings.

La Douleur Exquise (French: the exquisite pain of loving someone unattainable), is my debut poetry collection. In this book, you will find many free-verse poems that sound like passing thoughts of a lovestruck adolescent. Nevertheless, I bet you will relate to some of them. I have not followed any traditional form as I am more comfortable with weaving pop-poetry. I wish you don’t feel let down by this – hence this heads up.

From August 2020, I have started writing a few ambitious poems that are still vouching for a place in literary journals. Hopefully, by the end of 2021, I should be published traditionally. These poems will not be posted here until they are published in a journal. I will be publishing some of my other poems which are posted on Instagram too. I will be consistent in posting and you can have a great time here.


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