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A Sunflower Writes to a Rainbow – Freeverse

A Sunflower Writes to a Rainbow – Freeverse


O dear rainbow,
why don’t you leave a trace
after you appear so elegantly?
Sprinkle all your colours
on all the broken people here.
They pick me up
and colour themselves yellow,
radiating positivity and joy,
while forgetting other virtues.
Colour them violet,
and they can imagine
about unicorns and fairies.
Colour them indigo,
they would believe in their
intuition and gain wisdom.
Colour them blue,
they would communicate
their feelings of love and trust.
Colour them green,
they would hope for harmony
and a balanced mental health.
Colour them yellow,
and add to their happiness
created by me, a joyful sunflower.
Colour them orange,
they would find adventures
in unexpected places.
Colour them red,
they would turn passionate
and desire for what is theirs.
O dear rainbow,
colour these people
with all your colours,
so that they turn into a
paradise for other humans.

©Kavya Janani. U

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