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A Love Poem With Borrowed Lines – Freeverse

A Love Poem With Borrowed Lines – Freeverse

When I open my eyes,
a feeling called belonging
pulses through my nerves,
as I look at your
cherubic sleeping face.
Your huge arms entwined
around my uneven body
feels like the return
of all the sunlight
I lost in my life.
I move closer to you,
safekeeping our
paper-thin hearts
between our skins,
where oceans of true love
flow without any care.
I trace my fingers
across your cocoa cheek,
wishing you to 
open your eyes and look at me.
Instead, you hug me tighter,
leaving no space for our breaths
to escape our nakedness.

I whisper your soft name,
for the cave of my throat
always houses it.
I could repeat it a million times,
make it a way of returning home,
for no other word makes my mouth
as tender as your name.
Your eyes flutter open,
revealing a long-buried oracle,
where I see a life I never got to live.
You press your forehead to me
and sing, “I want you to feel summer,”
thereby defrosting the winter
that stays rent-free in my chest.
I harness myself to you
and tell you, “I have a job to do.
I’ve found you nine times before.
Maybe ten.
And I’ll find you again.
Until the end.
I always do.”
Only that I’ve found you
always at the wrong time.

Perhaps, this secrecy
that sculpts us
is the only right thing in my life.
Hence, I spray lavender scent
to mask our soaring love
from the prying eyes
of people who can’t stand 
the sight of soulmates.
We entwine our fingers,
promising an eternity.
There is a story that lingers
in every line of our palms,
but we’re writing
the best story of our lives.
I want this forever.
I want this forevermore.
I want a storm to come
and flood us into a song
that no one wrote.

©Kavya Janani. U

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