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15 Ways To Stay Alive – List Poem

15 Ways To Stay Alive – List Poem

15 ways to stay alive
(after Daphne Gottlieb)

1. Listen to a lot of music. Make many memories associated with songs.

2. Inhale what you want. Just because the air contains a lot doesn’t mean we should breathe everything in.

3. Don’t create homes in people. Create within yourself. A home to call your safe space. A home to always return to. A home…

4. Practice humility. All the praises that get to your head are serial killers.

5. Commit to things that make you feel whole.

6. Be curious, no matter what.

7. Dwell in nostalgia, but take in only the good so that it helps you create meaningful art.

8. Go to therapy. Go to therapy. Go to therapy. Go to therapy…

9. Smell flowers whenever you come across them.

10. Refrain from texting a birthday wish to your exes in the hope of recreating that spark again.

11. Never miss catching sight of the moon.

12. Google Dependence is a disease. Get away from it.

13. Dig out those photo albums, scrapbooks, and video cassettes from time to time.

14. Deny that extra spoon of sugar.

15. Turn your eyes into spy cameras for red flags though you are blindly in love with that person.

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